How easy is to clean Epoxy Flooring?

To clean epoxy flooring all you need is water and a cloth no chemicals needed. Super easy to clean.

How will you prepare the floor before coating it?

We start by grinding any areas of concrete or stucco spillage, then oil and grease stains are treated and degreased. We then prepare the concrete to be coated by grinding the surface. Other companies acid etch or sandblast the concrete, which is not sufficient to create proper surface bonding.

What is a concrete overlay?

A concrete overlay is a thin cement-based topping material that is applied over existing concrete in order to achieve a newly resurfaced coating to transform ugly, plain and/or worn concrete into a decorative, durable, and textured work of art.

What is Stamp Concrete Overlay?

Natural stone or brick effects and textures are achieved by utilizing rubber imprinting tool stamps, which are manufactured from molds created from authentic stone or wood, to impress into thin pre-mixed concrete overlay material. In order to prevent the stamps from sticking to the concrete, release chemical agents, which come in either a powder or liquid form, are then utilized to help separate the stamps from the concrete.

What is Epoxy Coating?

Epoxy coatings are one of the most economical, aesthetic and ideal ways to enhance the appearance of garage floors. They provide the concrete with a surface that is more resistant to oil, grease, acids, water and chemicals, and solvents and increase the resiliency to stains, tire marks, as well as hide small imperfections.

Epoxy coatings are available in variety of color selections and can be accented with multi-colored paint chips to provide an appearance similar to terrazzo or granite. You can see our color chart here.

What is Stained Concrete?

Stained concrete, or colored concrete is a very popular method for transforming concrete in both interior and exterior locations, such as salons, offices, living rooms, kitchens, pool decks, restaurants, patios, etc. People are attracted to stained concrete due to the unique outcome that can be achieved as a result of combining colors, application methods, and so on.

How long does it take to install a floor coating?

Typical installations will take 2 ½ days to complete. However, smaller jobs can be done a lot sooner.

What do you do for preparation for the concrete?

We have cracks and minor imperfections in floors on almost every job. Our crack repair materials will fix almost any crack and hide it from sight once the floor is complete. You will likely never know where the crack was by the time the job is finished.

When can I start using my new floor?

Unlike most do it yourself floors where you have to avoid driving on it for several days, you can walk on this coating in as little as 2 hours and drive on it in just 24 hours!

Is the floor covering slippery?

The floors can be slippery when wet because they are impervious to liquids. The full layer of chips adds texture to help with the slipperiness. If this is a real concern for you then a special anti-slip product can be added to the top coat for an additional charge.

What is the difference between a Do It Yourself Kit and your product?

The difference is the process and products that we use. First we take the time and have the equipment to grind the concrete. Next, we use the highest quality products that are on the market. These products are for professional install only; therefore they are not watered down with additional solvents to aid with installing like DIY kits are. This gives your floor the guarantee of remaining stuck to the concrete and remains strong enough to handle a lot of wear and tear.

Are the resins you use harmful to me or the environment?

No. Unlike the cheaper kits on the market, our products have a high solids content, which means less solvents and less VOC’s emitted that evaporate into the air.

Why should I go with a full broadcast of color flakes?

There are numerous benefits to choosing colors flakes over a solid epoxy coating, those advantages include: A full layer of chips for extra protection to your concrete. A broad range of chip colors to choose from to match you garage/home. The color flakes add texture to the floor for slip resistance. The color flakes also cover up and hide cracks and chips in your concrete.

How much is it going to cost to get my floor done?

The cost for the floor varies and it is almost impossible to give a quote without coming to your home and looking at the condition of the concrete, the amount of cracks that may need repaired, and stem walls that you may want to coat as well as color options and size of the garage floor.

Can the coating be applied other than in the garage?

Yes the coatings we offer are suitable for a number of different applications including garages, patios, basements, steps, sidewalks and more! Our UV stable top coat will not yellow or fade in the sun.

What if my oil drips on my floor or other chemicals are spilled on it?

No problem, our coating are resistant to almost all harmful chemicals. It is recommended that you wipe them up as soon as possible but they should not harm the coating.

4 step process

The process involves utilizing water base stains that enables us to achieve vibrant, earth-toned color tones that resemble natural stone, marble, wood, or even leather and gives the concrete an entirely customized appearance.

  1. flooring-detailsPrepared Concrete (diamond grinding)Cracks and seams are filled and the whole floor is diamond grinded to smooth the surface & for superior adhesion in the second step.
  2. Polyurea/Epoxy Base Coat (primer)Next a tinted primer base coat is added on top of the grinded floor.
  3. Layer of Decorative Chips (full coverage)Third is a full layer of decorative chips. The chips are broad-cast for even and full coverage. Full range of colors available.
  4. Polyurea Top Coat (high durability clear coat)The final step is a highly durable, chemical resistant, & UV stable top coat. This means it won’t discolor over time, keeping your flooring looking pristine.

We cover all Southern California including:Orange County, Los Angeles County, and surrounding areas.