3G Concrete Solutions is located in Orange County, California. It specializes in different types of concrete services including: Epoxy flooring, Stamped Overlay, Concrete Staining, Concrete Resurfacing, Water Proofing and concrete repair. No matter your project or service our team of highly qualified personnel will provide you with a detail work. At 3G Concrete Solutions we carefully select the best materials for the project which provides long term cost savings and optimum performance.

Our Commitment
3G Concrete Solutions is committed to proving you with the safer and experienced workplaces. Business and residential owners will obtain easy to clean floors, safe to walk on. We offer various textured surfaces and anti-slip media options that are broadcast into topcoat to maximum surface grip performance.

Our Mission
Our customer is our number one priority no matter how small or big the job is. We provide a competitive service at a very affordable price. We constantly communicate with our customers to provide customer satisfaction.